Allison Boomer Eco-Conscious Food Marketing Promoting the Artisan Food Community

Connecting your products with today's sophisticated eco-conscious 

Our Services

The services we offer expand sales for artisan food businesses by building stronger connections with customers. Understanding today’s eco-savvy marketplace, we work closely with you to assess your product’s appeal, enhance its value, and design and implement engaging media to promote your products—all within your budget requirements.

Innovative Product Development

The preferences of eco-conscious consumers—great taste, authenticity, good health and eco-friendly packaging—are the guidelines we use for product development. We enhance your product’s appeal and positioning by creating innovative product flavors, labeling and merchandising messages.

Inventive Recipe Creation

Distinctive, delicious and wholesome eating experiences are what sophisticated eco-consumers desire. We create easy, tasteful and inventive recipes that help sell your products. Our recipes are written according to your specifications or accepted style guidelines.

Insightful Writing and Health Messages

Today’s consumers want more information than ever about the food they eat— where it comes from, who makes it and how best to serve it. Our insightful and appealing content for Web sites, e-newsletters and print materials connects your products with smart customers who seek to establish meaningful relationships with businesses that uphold the values of authenticity and integrity. We know how vital these connections are to the success of your products in the marketplace. In addition, our health messages, written by a professional nutritionist, are based on accurate and timely scientific information.

Imaginative Print and Web Design

We strive to convey the inherent beauty and pleasure to be found in artisanal foods through artful, imaginative design for print and Web. Our in-house Webmaster builds sites that are organized, flexible, and reliable, contain the highest standards of accessibility and compliance, and incorporate effective search engine optimization techniques. We also develop site content maintenance plans. 

Inspired Food Styling and Photography

We acquire spectacular food photography from established artists and also shoot inspired pictures of your products and recipes using our in-house photographer.